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I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California with over 17 years of experience in the field. I am also a master in a branch of Persian Mysticism and continue my studies in Depth Psychology. I have spent more than 40 years studying human psychology as presented in various fields, such as philosophy, mythology, religion, mysticism, and modern behavioral psychology.

Through my own personal journey and work with many clients as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have come to know that the modern conventional psychotherapies ignore the totality of a person and only address particular symptoms and behaviors, which ultimately functions as a temporary fix for much deeper wounds. I have also come to know that as creative beings we each are capable of not only healing ourselves, but through living an exemplary holistic life we can also improve the overall well-being of our environment and all living beings.

I believe that the quality of our thoughts, words, and actions are major sources of every illness, as well as the cure for every physical, mental, and emotional malady. Furthermore, I do know that the cause of dysfunctional thoughts, words, and actions are due to the loss of connection with the primordial source of life, the foundation of our spirituality.

My work here as a Spirit Release Facilitator/Mentor will put in motion the process of Spiritual Integration by providing insight into the individual's inner world, identifying dark energies and other negative energy fields that interfere with the individual's spiritual/psychological growth and their overall well-being, and to provide a foundation so that the individual can work towards a holistic life-style for their highest good and the highest good of all. 

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